NATO – an anti-white and anti-family institution . . .

After the apocalypse of 1945, a number of global organizations have been formed with the aim of maintaining and expanding totalitarian liberalism. One of the earliest organizations formed for this purpose was the war alliance "North Atlantic Treaty Organization", or NATO, which can be seen as the military wing of globalism.

In addition to ensuring that Washington always has international support for its military campaigns, NATO as an institution is explicitly anti-white and explicitly dedicated to "racial justice" for racial aliens living in white countries. As early as 1999, NATO authored reports blaming nationalists for a number of modern problems and warning against the influence of nationalism.

In 2023, the war alliance held a summit at its headquarters in Brussels on race where the alliance's leaders pledged to fight "homogeneous attitudes" and to use NATO's "collective intelligence" for the purpose.

In fact, NATO is so dedicated to its anti-white agenda that it openly advocates that institutions must be reshaped to be "inclusive," in other words, restructured to be more anti-white, and consist of fewer white employees and executives.


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Quite the message.

Reality never stopped the Russians from attempting anything.

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Consider a missing a major point.

The "Russians" desire for world conquest. Consider East and West Germany and one gets the idea.

Had the war not been brought to a quick halt, the Russians would have taken Japan for themselves.

The Consider Podcast

Examining today's madness, folly and wisdom.


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Kind Sir,

I have no beef with you and have no idea why you are so hostile. You so insult me and my father. As previously stated, he was there. I will sign off now because of your nasty attiltudes. Good luck in your life carrying all that hate.

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Gee, you must be some kind of nice fellow. Your last words are fighting words. I am 76, not 73, and yes my parents were part of the greatest generation. If you were in front of me I would dare you to utter your hateful speech and see how I might react. Those words might be your last. I understand the entire thing. I understand the history. To me it matters not who started the war nor who stirred up things which were made to induce the behaviors which led to WWII, but who finished it. Also I am completely against the entire nuclear weapons proliferation. I have been terrified of it throughout my childhood right up to today. So you, Mr. Hate, also understand the rockets and bombs will never be eliminated. And yes, we may have in the future and even close future either accidents or actual fools who hate like you who would press the button. And it matters not whether it was mass fire-bombing, or nuclear bombing, I figure an uncle's death during the war, and my father's best friend's death during the war has led me to say all those who perished for the sins of their own people who were responsible for these two men to perish deserved it. My father and uncle were there. That is what I know. You seem a tad scholarly but what good does that do you? It makes you hate even more. SLA

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i woke up sunday morning remembering the anniversary of the worse thing our government has ever done--i have always thought the deployment of atomic bombs onto Japan was a terrible mistake, but this is the first time i've ever seen anyone say so publicly! our government has never apologized. This article is so illuminating, and i tried to forward it to some friends but it wouldn't go out (I have an old computer). I want to say Thank You and that i wish everyone could read this, and i wish that the "media" would have commented yesterday, but i never heard a word, nor did i see anything written until I looked up something else (the weird Chinese biological lab hidden in Reedly California) and this article was part of what google put in the list of suggested readings. I swear, I think i'm just too old at 83 to learn all the new tricks of computer navigating! But i can at least convey my thanks to you, Brian, and I'll try to SAVE this article somehow!

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heat from the conflagration was so intense that in some places canals boiled, metal melted, and buildings and human beings burst spontaneously into flames


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15 square miles of one of the world’s most densely populated urban centers—equivalent to half the area of Manhattan—burned to the ground.

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U.S. planners knew the wooden Japanese buildings would burn hot. Army engineers had prepared maps of Tokyo’s most flammable sectors, and had observed Japanese-style houses put to the torch in a mock “Japanese village” constructed at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.

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why drop 2 nukes when they had already dropped 1,667 tons of napalm-filled incendiary bombs on TOKYO, the Capitol, killing more than 100,000 people in a single strike...

...the highest death toll of any air raid during the war, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

By comparison, the bombing of Dresden a month earlier had resulted in around 25,000 deaths.

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“Flying Fortresses will be dispatched immediately to set the paper cities of Japan on fire. There won’t be any hesitation about bombing civilians—it will be all-out.”

General George C. Marshall in off-the-record briefing on November 15, 1941, three weeks before Pearl Harbor.

nukes not needed!

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It just amazes me regarding APOLOGISTS and their agendas. I am 76 years of age and my father was in Pearl Harbor the morning it was bombed. He was supposed to go to breakfast with a childhood buddy who was also in the Navy and was stationed on the Arizona. Pop's ship, the USS St. Louis (Lucky Lou) was one of only a handful of ships which made it out of the harbor under its own power. The ship sailed to San Diego for repairs and went back to the Pacific to fight until the end of the war. I am quite disturbed at this kind of journalism which shows the bombing victims in Japan but shows absolutely no photos of the bodies of our tortured men and other atrocities. the Japs perpatrated on our people and Nation. The only other people more cruel than the Japanese were the Italians. War is Hell, one of our generals said. You can throw out all the ideas, otherwise. Just be happy we still have warriors and understand we read, type, eat, sleep, and work due to our current men and women in our armed services being brave and protecting us, but most importantly we all should daily pray for our fallen heroes of all the wars and quit making apologies and creating narratives that have nothing to do with the actual truth. Thje Japs are quite lucky we didn't plant our flag on their islands and hang their emperor. God Bless America. S.L. Adams

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hindsight is 20/20. Suggest you work on convincing Putin not to unleash a nuke bomb to try and save his ugly face. That would be more productive than rear end gazing.

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Stupid article. The emperor of Japan referred to the bomb in his surrender speech and part of the military tried to stage a coup to keep the emperor from surrendering. Even after two atomic bombs it was a close thing.

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The author of this article wasn’t there nor was I but my grand pa was and let me tell you it is not America’s fault Japan decided to pull a bone head move by attacking Pearl Harbor. Really? I don’t think the general public even realize what those boys went through during war2. When an admiral was circling Bataan safe in his ship he refused to rescue the marines and left them with no ammo or food & no cover fire. The japs took pows on the Bataan death march and there was a river on the left & a river on the right. The river on the right was clean water but on the left side of river is where they decapitated U.S.Soldiers and threw their heads in the left side of river. Then if a pow tried to drink the clean water they would make them drink from the water with the dead heads in it then decapitate them.So I don’t feel sorry for japs at all. I know it is wrong but hey they threw the first punch.

My Grand Pa volunteered joining the USMC. He was older. He was a Di. He was deployed to a Japanese island & just after his arrival him and his unit hit a land mine while in a troop transport truck. Most of his men were killed but my grand Pa survived landing on his head breaking his neck. So his command offered him a choice. Either allowing him to remain a Marine and become a desk sgt in which they would fuse his cervical spine so he could look down and do paper work or fuse his cervical spine so he would be looking forward and be discharged thereby becoming a civilian. Gpa chose to stay and have his neck fused looking down which would cause his death 30 years later. Sadly enough. He began having chest pain while him & GMA were shopping. She took him to every hospital on they way to be forced to go to a V.A. hospital. Back then a vet couldn’t be treated at a public hospital. No one would help him. So they finally get to VA hospital. 45 mins away. I remember I was 10 the hospital nazis wouldn’t let me see my gpa so I had a total fit like a snickers commercial. Still wouldn’t let me see him. So my uncle took me to his room and the door opened he had been there for hours he was still in his green work dickies uniform lying on a gurneyi it was the last time I would see him alive. He waved at me. I don’t know why no one let me hug him good bye just one more time. Later they would accidentally kill my gpa because they didn’t have his medical records because of some fire where all records were lost. So anyway va interns didn’t know his neck/cervical spine was fused they were trying to open his airway via incision but his chin was on top of it so they yanked his head back broke his neck and killed him. Duh.

Well if Gpa hadn’t survived the extra 30 years I would have never knew him at all. Weird how things work out.

They were GREAT GRAND PARENTS Best a kid could ever ask for.. Lovem sooo much still. They don’t make like that anymore.

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