I reside in the largest land mass county that is the least populated in Washington State. We have fewer than 32,000 residents. It was recently brought to my attention that the county Board of Health has convinced the board of County Commissioners (3 commissioners in total) that there is such a need to pressure the guestimated 4,700 unvaccinated residents to get vaccinated, that the BOCC approved a local nonprofit (who was established in 2021) to provide an anti-racist literacy training workshop for at least 20 county government employees at a cost of approximately $15,000. An interesting caveat to this, according to the 2020 census statistics that I found doing an internet search is 83% of the residents are Caucasian. The fesr campaign is alive and well in this county. I am amazed at the hold that it has on a good majority of the residents.

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Excellent, I hope everyone shares this!

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Me too…thanks, That guy.

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There wasn't a lack or understanding....there was a lack of morality.

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Public health officials who don’t treat patients were willfully ignorant at best and criminals at worst. The majority of clinical physicians were getting paid by the government to engage in a Pavlovian response. As Mencken once said, “ it is difficult for a man to understand something when his income depends on not understanding it.”

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Two course corrections to the outstanding article: George Floyd was a suicide by drug overdose; not a homicide and journalists/media were paid to produce propaganda- see Emerald Robinson.

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Steps to EFFECTING a Hoax :

Secretly plan to weaponize normal

year-to-year cold and flu-bug epi-

demics—in order to cover-up a plan

for effecting massive Vote-Fraud;

for STOPPING logic-driven Trump

and his massive voter-base.

How would Biden & Team expect

to win while Biden could not get 60

people on a parking lot ! (( hidden

by MSM using cropping of pictures

and videos )) when Trump was able

to attract 16,000 into a stadium ?

I began explaining the “Covid-19

Hoax” in June of 2020. Why a

H O A X ? :

—because gain-of-function efforts

ALWAYS Fail, because of this one

rule driving THIS universe of things :

E N T R O P Y !

Every variant of ANY bug handed

down from initial infectivity, is LESS

and LESS and LESS potent !

Another clue those idiotic masters

of DECEIT had done, was to inform

us in July of 2020 :

[ MSM reporting that : ] “The normal

year-to-year cold and flu infections

are down 98%.”

Why the idiots reported that ?—

because more and more people

had been asking:

“What happened to colds and flu?”

To what EVIL End, all this Kabuki

Theatre by ELITE, can’t-get-the-girl

psychopaths ? : the Climate Change

hoax!, as means to create One-World

Government, under the auspices of a

U.N.-directed/-imposed Global

Economic Socialism/Communism.






Change :

Forwarded Message :

Dear ScienceDaily Editor,

I’ve coined a term  to

explain :

“CLIMATE Change”

— Cyclical Solar-Effected Climate Change —

Precession is an Earth-cycle of about 25,500

years, which always-recurring Earth-cycle is

billions of years old, where the tilt of the

Earth rotates around its axis, causing CLIMATE

Change—effecting shifts in Climate from

glaciation-to-warming-and-back-again periods,

NOT due to manmade pollution ( NOT due to

“greenhouse gases” ).

Anyone there know about that Solar-Cycle ?

Co2 pollution - re IMPACT on CLIMATE - is

akin to tossing a marble into an olympic-sized

swimming pool.

WARMISTS hope to reduce Co2 to ZERO!, even

though Co2 is food for plants and trees and

ocean flora !

If you examine non-WARMIST scientists’ research,

they gravely WARN us of starvation from a

coming ( “minimum” ? ) glaciation period.

It might be coming !

Find and study the late Robert Felix’s book,

“Not by Fire but by Ice”—a fine introduction to

the above paragraphs ( at least, read his last page ).

If you give it a fair/serious reading, you might be

prompted to begin to finance Hydroponic Facilities

across the U.S.

Curiously, there is one in West Virginia that is

massive!—and one near my property.

Why? Do they serve in-the-know military interests ?

Are you prepared—just in case ?



Please consider sending

my letter to friends and


All about ENTROPY :



Behind the scenes EVIL Actors—Driving Global Terrorism :


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He left out how they erred in the side of increasing Big Pharma profits and scudding uncountable numbers of deaths by forbidding use and discussion of alternate and better treatments like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin

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To save tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of lives, all Americans had to do was stay home and watch TV for two weeks but Americans couldn't even manage to do that.

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Obviously you live on a totally different planet…’staying home and watching TV for two weeks’ did nothing …besides tens of thousands and possible hundreds of thousands will be either dead or chronically ill from all the ‘side effects’ of the EUA Experimental Shot that people ran to get because they were successfully inculcated with fear of dying from COVID-19! What a trade off…death from Covid (treated with Remdesivir & on a ventilator) or death and or chronic illness by the Covid vaxxine.

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You really did not understand and appear to still not understand the content provided. Here is your sign - "I love big Government that will tell me how to live"

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tone deaf. did you read the article?

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It’s a long-read on the crosslinks between US federal law, WHO-directed biowarfare, Supreme Court precedents on patenting/ownership/licensing of genetically-modified living organisms, and local (county & state) public health/law enforcement merger, constructed between 1990 and 2021.

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Medical mandates are politics pretending to be science. They benefit corporate financial health by exerting control over the public which includes forcing potentially contaminated products into the bodies of convenient consumers regardless of medical impact on individuals. Mandates and the policies they create suppress emerging science and silence evolving medical opinions in order to enrich corporate players.

Now let's talk about the vax injuries.

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Amen to that…see my comment to Micha Elyi!

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Excellent breakdown. The authors and original co-signers of the Great Barrington Declaration tried to warn us what a radical departure Fauci et alia were making from standard medical and public health practices -- even and especially as regards pandemics. Above, you document extremely well that departure. The only possible rationalization for it would have been extreme success. Instead, in terms of Covid-19 public health outcomes, the USA trails the other highly developed nations -- and in most cases, by a considerable margin.

We will be living with the consequences for at least a generation. So we have a small group engaged in vast and deeply flawed medical experiment upon the public, and without informed consent. We had the consistent denial of bodily autonomy. We had a consistent violation of the first rule: "Do No Harm" -- balance the possible benefits of any treatment or intervention against the costs and risks.

I can only hope we will hold people accountable, starting with Fauci.

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Very well said, thank you. While I didn't mention this in the article, it's the long consequences that are most troubling, and most especially, what psychological traits and behaviors will manifest themselves in the youngest of today's children, after they reach their teens and beyond.

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Psychological traits and behaviors that will echo through the generations, yes, but also long term physical damage from the vaccine which includes the emergence of autoimmune and neurological diseases as well as what amounts to genocide with the deaths of vulnerable populations whose families have received the message that those lives didn't matter, they were collateral damage.

“Medical mandates, today, are a major step backwards toward a fascist dictatorship and genocide. Government dictates, medical intervention — these undermine our dignity as well as our freedom… As a child survivor of the Nazi reign of terror, I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil. I know the consequences of being stigmatized and demonized as being a ‘spreader’ of disease. My perspective is informed by my experience, by the historical record, and by the empirical evidence” - Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, human rights advocate and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (testimony to German Corona Committee, April 2021)

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I have heard Ms Sharav in several videos over the last year. What she has to say is a very powerful message, especially as someone who experienced first hand the ‘tyranny of being the spreader of disease’.

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Thank you for sharing that very interesting quote, Maggie

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Thank you for your reply. Generational damage, indeed.

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The response to COVID had little to do with public health, it was based on politics (anti- Trumpers), a desire to infringe on freedoms (the left) and selfishness (Fauci)

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Exactly. Well said.

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Yes, when honest histories of this calamity are written, the models that spooked Trump and others into fallaciously "erring on the side of caution" will loom very large.

I briefly took the most destructively influential of those modelers, Imperial College London's Neil Ferguson, to task in an earlier article: https://starkrealities.substack.com/p/lockdowns-masks-and-the-illusion?utm_source=url

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