Thanks for the great article!

It expressed my thoughts on this almost exactly.

Americans are now, more than ever, paying for our own subjugation.

Re: your "fair share" list: in addition to your excellent points, for me

the following are also incredibly maddening.


- Pay to be spied on

- Pay to have our border opened to masses of illegal immigrants

...and perhaps, most ironic (and insidious):

- Pay to support and empower the IRS to

fine and/or jail us if we don't fund the destruction of our Country & Constitution!

Until Americans realize that We the People are the many, and "they" (the parasite "elite") are the few, nothing much will ever change.

Great videos like "Tiny Dots" illustrate the above point beautifully:


Keep up the great work, Brian.

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Great read and spot on!

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