The 3 Myths of Management:

1) The illusion of control

2) There is one right answer

3) There is always someone or something to blame.

Complex systems can't be controlled. They are best managed with minimal tweaks based on an empirical approach and feedback loops that allow for correction. It's like driving a car down a road, keep your eye on the road and adjust speed and direction constantly while being prepared to take quick evasive action. There are many routes and many unknowns that can derail the trip.

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Where is the unbiased, proven 98% accurate testing method that needs to be employed during a pandemic? Without a solid, pre-tested and standardized method to determine who does and who doesn't have any virus or what type of virus they have, there is absolutely no trusted basis for claiming cases or deaths resulting from those claimed cases.

The CDC has said that they will not use the PCR test after 2021. They have admitted to the public that the PCR tests are virtually useless, thus the pandemic has no merit or unquestionable facts supporting it. So what are they using now to determine who has the variants or covid? Nowhere are they saying what testing methods are being used.

What happened to the regular flu cases, millions of them, that went missing during the 2020-2021 flu season? How do you get a spike in flu cases in the middle of summer, two years in a row, which has never occurred before? How does pharma explain the fact that according to their trial results, stages 2-3 the ARR, or absolute risk reduction, for the mRNA injections is near 1%? This is the true measure of their effectiveness. And now were are seeing that truth as the injection efficacy is falling rapidly.

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Hitler was a compulsive germophobe.

It's interesting to read about Hitler's & the Nazi Party's extreme oppression of liberties, via their medical fascism, in their quest to combat the reported TB problem of the day.

A medical fascism that became a main focus of the Nuremberg Code.

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Aug 13, 2021Liked by Brian McGlinchey

COVID restrictions have little to do with disease control and everything to do with governmental control.

The left is using the crisis to spread fear amongst the ignorant, in order to gain and maintain power.

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