The banksters need a war desperately right now. They’ve tried so hard in Syria, and it just hasn’t worked. Then they got crazy Trump actually saying we should stay out of the Middle East and focus on our own problems, and people were listening . . .


“The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country: going into the Middle East, by President Bush.” — Donald Trump


What’s a self-respecting globalist financier to do?

So, they sent their puppets like McCain, Romney, Clinton, and Biden out to talk up the fight against “evil” and threaten Russia, hoping to fool those dumb white ‘Murkins one more time into sending their sons off to die for God and Country and Goldman Sachs.

The recently ousted Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, who took at least a dozen votes to get elected speaker, traveled to Israel immediately upon his election, declaring to the Israeli Knesset that the USA is steadfastly committed to supporting Ukraine in their war against Russia.

It has become so painfully obvious, especially where you have someone like Nikki Haley wagging her finger and shouting down Vivek Ramaswamy in a presidential debate on live national television when the questions of this Ukrainian war against Russia and any mention of Israel are concerned, that the United States government has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Israeli Political Action Committee.


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Amazing (and terrifying) reporting here. Thank you.

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" All civilizations, countries, governments, empires and the like eventually vanish . . . ".

Entirely true. Moreover and in regard to where the money is really going . . .

Narrative Collapse – – –

Only when the last American artillery shell has been fired in The Ukraine, only when the last Ukrainian soldier has been killed in The Ukraine and only when the last of Ukrainian state territory has been irretrievably lost from The Ukraine will The Americans and Europeans finally realize that God Favours Russia . . .



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James Buchanan was the father of public choice theory in economics. His Nobel work focused on how politicians and bureaucrats can be influenced by their own perceived self interests when making decisions in their official roles. Like Joe Biden in China or Ukraine with his side kick son, Hunter. Clearly Buchanan had no idea that this rent seeking behavior would lead to a $150 trillion dollar debt.

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Here's a bonus passage that didn't make the final cut for article-flow reasons:

If all this doom-and-gloom is triggering an understandable impulse to secede from the sinking federal ship, I have more bad news: Depending on where you live, you may find your state has its own unfunded-liability time-bomb, springing from pension liabilities that far exceed the size of the programs’ investment portfolios.

Those time-bombs aren’t always found where people might expect. According to the Reason Foundation’s Pension Integrity Project, the states with the best-funded pension programs are Washington, Wisconsin, New York, Delaware, South Dakota, and Nebraska — each has an overfunded pension system. Starting from the bottom, the most underfunded pension systems are in Connecticut, Kentucky, New Jersey, Illinois and South Carolina, with “funded ratios” ranging from 53% to 62%

You can see all 50 states here: https://reason.org/data-visualization/2022-public-pension-forecaster/

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We will not see 2053 under the same conditions as were are in now. The country, as we know it today, isn't going to last far past the mid 2030's. All civilizations, countries, governments, empires and the like eventually vanish or are changed 180 degrees in some manner. Our turn is coming. It's the cycles of things where everything follows cycles. You cannot go in one direction forever.

We went wrong over the past 120 years was the inevitable changing of the perceptions of freedom using a workable constitution into a massive experiment of socialism with unlimited wealth trying to propel it into a living system. That experiment has failed.

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Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am an unfunded liability. In fact, I am a triple liability. Most Americans are under the misconception that it’s all paid for with tax dollars rather that debt that will never be paid. I don’t believe the government consists of morons, but evil psychopaths. And we, through ignorance and apathy enable them.

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Depressingly true and even more depressing that almost no one (including the majority of the press) seems to care. We are ruled over by morons, us serfs in this feudal democracy theater. I yearn for a government shutdown just to remind how little the whole charade accomplishes anything productive.

Thank you for the article and doing the honorable work.

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Excellent article! And sadly, all too true.

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