Knowing al Qaeda backers were attending an Arizona aviation school, FBI assigned surveillance assets to pot smugglers instead
Operation Enduring Freedom is filled with cautionary tales for would-be service members
In a woke rush to judgement, Bucknell University needlessly threw the school's reputation on a national media bonfire
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Governments keep forcing masks despite indications they've done little to slow Covid's spread
Barrack told UAE about the demise of a 2016 GOP platform plank urging declassification of Saudi links to 9/11
There's nothing fair about the coerced funding of unlawful, wasteful and morally repugnant pursuits
Protecting narrow interests at the expense of consumers, the Jones Act has thus far proven unsinkable
This "slavish ritual of devotion to the state" has no place in a free society
Global minimum corporate tax seeks to "end the pressures of tax competition"
As was the case with masks, CDC policy out of step with science
If history is any guide, inflation will exceed the Federal Reserve's target—and working-class and middle-class Americans will be hit hardest